Spray nozzles

Common types of nozzles

There are about as many nozzles as there are areas of use. A nozzle can be tailored for a specific need. Having said that, there are some “general nozzles”. In general, you could say that there are three kinds of nozzles: convergent, divergent and convergent-divergent nozzles.

• Convergent nozzles are narrowing down to a smaller diameter in the flow direction, which provides a more focused jet.

• Divergent nozzles are expanding from a smaller diameter to a larger diameter in the flow direction which provides a wider jet.

• Convergent-divergent nozzles are reminiscent of an hourglass in their shape. At first they narrow down and then grow wider at the end. These nozzles are also referred to as de Laval Nozzles, con-di nozzles and CD nozzles, and are widely used.

In everyday life, nozzles are used for example in vacuums and shower heads. The term nozzle is mostly used for technical and industrial applications. Nozzles can be basic as well as having more advanced features.

Hollow cone nozzle

A nozzle is called hollow cone if it is designed to give a ring-shaped spray pattern. This means that there is no spraying onto the middle. This is achieved through a tangential inflow in a vortex chamber or through an insert with slanting tracks immediately before the outlet. Hollow cone nozzles course may be designed in various ways to provide various forms of hollow cone spray patterns with finer or larger drops, and larger and smaller spacing to provide even coverage.

Full cone nozzle

The spray from a full cone nozzle gives a spray pattern that is, contrary to the hollow cone nozzle, evenly distributed by droplets. This is usually achieved through a cross-shaped insert that provides the liquid with intended turbulence before the outlet. The shape may vary, it can be circular, square or oval.

Flat fan jet spray nozzle

A flat fan jet spray nozzle is exactly what the name suggests, a nozzle that sprays a flat spray. This is achieved through an elliptical hole, or a round hole which opens tangentially to a deflector that deflects and spread the liquid to a flat jet. Of course the flat fan jet spray nozzle has different width for different applications. An elliptical flat jet provides narrowing ends to the spray pattern. This enables perfect overlap of the flat jet showers on the ramp, into a consistent spray, with even distribution along the entire ramp.

Air assisted atomizing nozzle

In an air assisted atomizing nozzle, also called air nozzle, the liquid is atomized by means of compressed air supplied to the nozzle. It them forms a very fine spray when air and liquid are mixed. This kind of nozzle provides the finest droplets. The sprays can either be flat or round with different spray angles. The shape of the spray is maintained only as long as the power of the atomized air pressure lasts. When the power decreases, the droplets evaporate more or less, depending on exposure time, relative humidity and other factors. For more information on different types of nozzles and their areas of use, Contact Us.